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EIT RawMaterials: Call for Applications for RawMatCop 2018-2020 Programme

EIT RawMaterials RawMatCop

EIT RawMaterials has launched a call for Post-Doctoral Research Scholarship Projects 

In December 2017, as a result of the call  "Copernicus Building Skills Actions" from the European Commission/DG GROW, EIT RawMaterials was awarded a three-year action, the RawMatCop programme 2018-2020. The RawMatCop 2018-2020 programme will build on the results and experiences from the one-year RawMatCop 2017 programme, also awarded by DG GROW and carried out by EIT RawMaterials and post-doctoral researchers hosted by EIT RawMaterials partners over 12 months in 2017-2018.

The aim of the RawMatCop 2018-2020 programme is to develop skills, expertise, demonstrations and applications at the intersection between Earth observation data, specifically Copernicus data, and the raw materials sector. Moreover, the RawMatCop 2018-2020 programme will share its results and encourage knowledge transfer and skills dissemination both with the partners of EIT RawMaterials but also with other sectors and Innovation Communities.

The 2018-2020 programme will cover four key activities:

  • RawMatCop Post-Doctoral Research Projects
  • RawMatCop Academic Placement Projects with Industry/Authorities
  • RawMatCop Lifelong Learning programme
  • RawMatCop Dissemination Event

As a result, the EIT RawMaterials would like to announce the RawMatCop 2018-2020 Call for Applications for:

  • two Post-Doctoral Research Scholarship Projects, duration 1 year
  • two Academic Placement Projects with Industry/Authorities, duration up to 1 year (minimum 6 months)

Applications should be submitted to EIT RawMaterials via email to

Deadline for applications is 15 July 2018, 16h00 CET. Application contents, including budget calculation, evaluation process and criteria for assessment, timeline and application template can be found here

Scope of the Post-Doctoral Research Scholarship projects and the Academic Placements with Industry/Authorities should address one of the following domains of the Copernicus-related data for:

  • raw material prospecting and exploration
  • raw material extraction and mining activities
  • secondary raw material resource

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