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Financial Times names EIT Community among Europe's leading start-up hubs

The Financial Times listed no less than five EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) on its Europe's Leading Start-up Hubs ranking.

Out of 125 listed start-up hubs, the Financial Times ranked:

  • EIT Climate-KIC at #14 - EIT Climate-KIC works to make Europe's climate commitments reality by spurring innovation that helps societies mitigate and adapt to climate change
  • EIT Food at #89 - EIT Food uses inclusive systems innovation so that all people can participate in transforming Europe's food system for the better
  • EIT Urban Mobility at #98 - EIT Urban Mobility makes cities more liveable, engaging citizens in innovating how they can move around more effectively, sustainably and inclusively
  • EIT Health at #112 - EIT Health is transforming European healthcare delivery by making more life-saving innovations broadly available within the healthcare system
  • EIT Digital at #118 - EIT Digital is at the forefront of Europe's digital transition, spurring innovation, talent, and ventures that keep Europe globally competitive, fair and sustainable

The Financial Times' overall scoring included consideration of the hubs' founding year, mentoring, alumni, and networking. 

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Three KICs make up half of the entire Financial Times 'Hub Networks' list

Taking note of their sprawling locations across Europe, the Financial Times ranked:

  • EIT Climate-KIC at #3
  • EIT Food at #4
  • EIT Urban Mobility at #6

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Special congratulations to EIT Community partners that made the lists

We celebrate the members of our community that regularly show their ingenuity by making lists such as these. The EIT model is all about building up and bringing our partners together, elevating them to elevate European innovation at the global scale! 

Partners who join our Knowledge and Innovation Communities join lifelong networks composed of all stakeholders across Europe's innovation ecosystem.

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Our KICs use innovation to take on global challenges

All nine of our KICs - the EIT Community - are designed to steer the power of entrepreneurship and innovation to take on specific critical challenges Europe and the planet are facing, from the climate crisis to how we use AI or diagnose life-threatening diseases. Our EIT Community works together to make sure Europe has the competitive talent, ventures, and innovation projects to keep Europe at the forefront of sustainable solutions.

Explore how we're addressing these challenges