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From Forbes to Rolling Stone: the EIT in the spotlight

From Forbes to RollingStone: The EIT under the spotlight

The EIT Community increases its visibility as top European media feature the Institute.

The EIT drew the attention of top international newspapers in the last weeks; let's have a look at the best articles selected from the press: 

Connectivity Is Key For Innovation To Scale - (Forbes)


An article published by Forbes points out the importance of the collaborative ecosystem created by the EIT Community. It is getting more difficult and costly to innovate, and that is why the work of the EIT is fundamental. The EIT has 'a collaborative approach that seems to be working. The start-ups in their network have raised in the region €600 million in external funding, and have gone on to create over 6,000 jobs'
What Investors Want From A Scaleup - (HuffPost)

The EIT is tough to match when it comes to providing access to all EU markets. The HuffPost states that many entrepreneurs worry that they lack the contacts and local market knowledge to succeed. The article underlines how the EIT with its pan-European network of start-ups offers easy access to all the 28 countries within the European Union: 'By having hubs around Europe, they [EIT] aim to offer start-ups all the help needed to tap into markets across the EU'
Star Trek-like medical technology is now possible! - (FAZ)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung features the EIT Health-supported start-up COLDPLASMATECH GmbH and its CEO and Co-founder Carsten Mahrenholz. COLDPLASMATECH developed a Star Trek-like device that uses cold plasma to kill multi-resistant bacteria and treat chronic wounds.  [article not available online]


INNOVEIT 2017 looks to the future of innovation in Europe - (EFE)

Agencia EFE gave a positive overview of INNOVEIT 2017 and reported EU Commissioner Tibor Navracsics’ comment on the activity of the EIT, which he described as 'crucial in offering young people the opportunity to transform their best ideas into products'. The article also focuses on the four winners of the EIT Awards: Florence Gschwend (from Chrysalix Technologies), Hans Constandt (from Ontoforce), Martin Steinberg (Project Leader at the Karolinska Institute, for the Stockholm3 Test) and Carsten Mahrenholz (from COLDPLASMATECH GmbH). There are also other news items from EFE covering the EIT! The Spanish agency published an article featuring the invention of Stig Lundbäck, a retired cardiologist which has devised a buoy able to produce marine energy, and other two articles about Steinberg’s and Mahrenholz’s innovative products. 
The EIT supports pioneer app for therapeutic music - (Rolling Stone)

Rolling Stone features Wavepaths, an innovative app developed by musician Brian Eno and neuroscientist Dr. Mendel Kaelen that uses music therapy and intelligent technologies for mental health care. The article reports that Wavepaths was supported by the EIT Community. 



EIT Climate-KIC combines tackling Climate change with sustainable economic growth  - (DW)


'What if tackling climate change and promoting sustainable economic development could be combined?' DW reports how EIT Climate-KIC is supporting young talents in doing just that.

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