KIC InnoEnergy launches new Call for Innovation Proposals

KIC InnoEnergy, the European company for innovation, business creation and education in sustainable energy, has launched a new Call for Innovation Proposals dedicated to boosting the effectiveness and speed of the go to market process of green innovations in Europe.


KIC InnoEnergy supports research institutions, companies and universities with the last stage of the go-to-market process for innovative sustainable energy products and services, helping them to create public-private consortia that have the ability to take high-potential ideas to the market faster and more effectively, and offers significant financing schemes. 

The company has put together a framework which provides protection against the usual barriers to cooperation such as IP protection, relevant expertise from the partners, talent poaching or lack of test processes. To be eligible, consortiums must fulfil a number of conditions. Besides having successfully achieved the proof of concept, they must gather at least 3 European partners from the research and/or industry sectors.

The call for projects falls within the following technology areas:

  • Energy from Chemical Fuels
  • Clean Coal and Gas Technologies
  • Renewable Energies
  • Sustainable Nuclear and Renewable Energy Convergence
  • Smart Grids and Storage
  • Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

For further information on how to submit innovation projects, please visit the Call for Innovation Projects website

What KIC InnoEnergy customers say:

"KIC InnoEnergy provided us with a platform to inject sufficient capital funds in order to get this project off the ground. This was instigated by their support and belief that this product -and its soon-to-be series of products-, had a market potential and provided an innovative solution where none existed".

Stephane Cros (CEA, EnThiPV Project Manager)

"At the beginning of 2013, Outotec entered into a partnership with KIC InnoEnergy. The advantages of being a member of the KIC InnoEnergy community were clear for us to see: we benefit from a highly specialized network in which our partners are working on similar topics as we do".

Ludwig Hermann (Outotec, DeBugger Project Manager)