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Swobbee is helping New York City bring safe battery charging to e-bike delivery workers

Launch of Swobbee's Pilot Program Offers Free Access to Battery-Swapping Stations for Delivery Workers in New York City

In an effort to promote safe e-bike charging and prevent battery-related structural fires, a pilot program initiated in February will grant an initial group of delivery workers in New York City free access to Swobbee’s battery-swapping stations and other newly established battery-charging infrastructure. EIT InnoEnergy team spanning both sides of the Atlantic played a crucial role in assisting Swobbee with its expansion into the US market.

New York City in partnership with Newlab, a venture platform focused on climate and deep tech, has launched a pilot project to help prevent battery fires in electric micromobility vehicles and improve safety for delivery workers by expanding access to charging infrastructure. The initial pilots include three innovative companies: EIT Innoenergy's portfolio company Swobbee, as well as Popwheels, and Swiftmile.

As of March, a first group of delivery workers will be able to securely charge their vehicles and exchange depleted batteries at Swobbee stations at multiple locations across the city. The project will gather data on the usage and user experience of new charging options, with two related end goals: scaling up New York’s e-mobility charging infrastructure and improving conditions for delivery drivers who rely on electric micromobility.

To address the instances of fires caused by batteries in electric micromobility vehicles, the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT), EDC and Newlab issued a call for pilots last year, seeking novel technologies to make electric micromobility charging safer and more dependable while meeting the daily needs of delivery workers. As part of this project, Swobbee will complete the installation of 4 battery swapping stations in New York City, which will initially serve 30–60 workers. Workers on e-bikes can quickly swap out their vehicle’s UL-certified battery and replace it with a fresh one, reducing wait times and ensuring that batteries are charged safely.

We are extremely excited about this opportunity to contribute to New York’s mobility transition and to offer delivery drivers a reliable charging solution. Our swapping stations were specifically designed to tackle challenges like this. To ensure maximum safety for the delivery workers, we’re introducing the safest battery technology around. This lithium ferrophosphate (LFP) technology outperforms any conventional lithium-ion alternative—and with a lower total cost of ownership. We’re convinced that this accessibility and safety can serve as a blueprint for the city’s approach to fire safety and sustainability moving forward.

Swobbee US Managing Director, Stephan von Wolff

Results from the project will be used to assess the technology’s fit and usability for the city’s delivery workers, and to inform Swobbee’s broader rollout in New York.