Tackling global food problems with EIT Food Change Makers

EIT Food Change Makers Programme

Finding fair, sustainable and safe solutions for the greatest food challenges of our time. 

EIT Food, alongside YSYS - a leading Start-up Community and Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy - and King’s Cross Impact Hub are bringing together the best minds from all corners of society, for the Change Makers Programme. 

The EIT Food Change Makers Programme is a new, collaborative initiative which gives diverse talent the chance to become agrifood-tech innovators or entrepreneurs through a series of events, mentorship and training. We are committed to supporting people to find solutions that tackle everything from how food is produced and distributed to how it is consumed and disposed of. 

What’s agrifood-tech?

EIT Food supports new businesses across the entire agriculture, fisheries as well as food manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal sectors (collectively called agrifood-tech). 

The Innovation Community runs a variety of programmes to support start-ups at all stages of their journeys, helping them to collectively create positive impact across the food system to make it more sustainable, healthy and safe.

Why now?

Growing population levels coupled with dwindling resources continue to strain our ability to feed billions of people.  The issues behind this huge challenge are global, complex and interrelated - and we need a diverse range of ideas and organisations if we are going to address them.  

There is abundant evidence that start-ups can and should play a key role in creating positive and transformational change across the entire food system, and that particular attention should be posed to the risk of start-up 'gentrification' in order to ensure real innovation happens. 

The EIT Food Change Makers Programme 

At EIT Food we work hard to ensure a diverse pool of participants get to access our programmes - especially from underrepresented backgrounds such as women, BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) and the  LGBTQI+ communities. This dual objective is vital to our systems change strategy and means that not only can we empower those with less immediate opportunities - but just as much potential - as overrepresented groups, but we can also encourage more diverse solutions.

The EIT Food Change Makers Programme’s vision is to unlock this potential by ensuring that participants feel confident they have the skills and qualities to create a meaningful and lasting impact. Together, we will contribute to EIT Food’s mission to transform the food system - making it healthier, more sustainable and trusted. 

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