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Watch the videos of the 2017 EIT Innovators Award Nominees

2017 EIT Innovators Award

The EIT Innovators Award recognises innovation teams from the Innovation Communities that have developed a product, service or process with a high potential for societal and economic impact.

Nominees of the EIT Innovators Award have created innovations that include e-health tools to predict the risk of dementia; advanced sensors for food cooling; a system to provide gate-to-gate internet connectivity for air travellers; a drop-in solution for silicon wafers; a CAD tool for proactive cyber-security management; and a blood test for early detection of aggressive prostate cancer.

Meet the nominees at INNOVEIT 2017!

Wilfried Dron's project offers a tool allowing designers to predict battery life and product failure.

Stefan Reber's project consists of a solar wafer epitaxial growth technology to decrease production costs of solar cell manufacturing.

Shireen Sindi's project aims to develop and commercialise eHealth tools for dementia risk preditcion in various at-risk populations, and lifestyle intervention to prevent cognitive decline and postpone dementia onset.

Martin Steinberg's project will allow the risk of aggressive prostate cancer to be predicted at biopsy by analysing five protein markers, more than 100 genetic markers, and clinical data.

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