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What are 'EIT Innovation Activities'? Our new guide will tell all!

Flip through the EIT's first ever Innovation Guide for the latest facts on how our innovation activities work and how you could join.

The EIT Innovation Guide will give you the breakdown of:

  • What each EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community is doing to propel new ideas into the European market
  • What we're doing to push the green and digital transitions, including all of our activities in AI
  • How we're bridging the geographic and gender divides in European innovation activities
  • How to reach us and learn more about our activities

Check out the EIT Innovation Guide

We're reshaping Europe's whole innovation ecosystem

Our innovation projects are designed to unite teams throughout Europe and create new products, services, and processes that directly contribute to a better world. That includes solutions that lead to more sustainable resource use and energy systems or more liveable cities and accessible healthcare services.

We'll show you how our projects bring together all innovation actors and how the EIT Community goes beyond merely funding the co-creation process. 

Visit our Innovation page for even more info