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Chaitanya Dhumasker


Graduate from EIT Climate-KIC Master School, CEO and Co-founder of MonitorFish GmbH  & EIT CHANGE Award nominee


Chaitanya Dhumasker wants to improve fisheries’ ways of breeding through precise fish growth monitoring. He is the Co-founder and CEO at MonitorFish GmbH and, in 2018, he won the Future Agro Challenge in Germany and the Munich Investment Forum.

In the past, he attended many programmes from EIT Climate-KIC, namely the Master School, Journey, Greenhouse and the Accelerator: “The EIT Community supported me in many ways, from ideation, team formation, pitching to business planning, and fund sourcing.” The education he received from his participation in the EIT Climate-KIC Master School, fostered his confidence and passion to contribute with a positive change in the ecosystem, through his company.

MonitorFish wants to provide to local fish farmers, a precise action plan in real-time to maintain the highest quantity and quality of the fish. With the problem of manual diagnosis of fish health, he plans to transform the industry into a transparent, efficient and sustainable one, by enabling fishers to detect fish health: through an AI-powered image recognition software that provides fish growth analytics and smart alerting.

He is also one of the nominees for the EIT Awards 2020 in the CHANGE category. Find out the winners and join the ceremony, on 8 and 9 December 2020.


More about  MonitorFish here