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Dane Mitrev & Luca Coviello 


Graduates of the EIT Digital Master School in Data Science and the minds behind ICC: Intelligent Claim Checker  

When they entered the EIT Digital Master School in Data Science, both Daniel and Luca were seeking a Master's program that included top-notch education, worldwide networking, and a mix of IT and business development to learn how to create IT solutions that truly mattered.  

Having studied data science, they were particularly intrigued by deep learning technologies and how they may be applied to real-world challenges. Luca was also working in the agro-food industry, where he combined food quality with environmental sustainability. When they learned about the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) and EIT’s collaborative Hackathon, it felt natural to form a team and attempt to tackle the problem. 

They participated in EFSA EIT Alumni Hackathon and won 3rd place with the project “ICC: Intelligent Claim Checker“. This Hackathon contest resulted from a collaboration between the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and EIT Alumni, a competition organized for the Design of an Artificial Intelligence solution to detect fake news using EFSA’s body of scientific opinions. 

They learned how to extract value from technology during their Master's and applied their learnings to find the best solution to tackle the Hackathon challenge. These are the qualities that benefited them during the competition since they were able to identify what they required and wanted as a result in such a short amount of time, all while maintaining a strong focus on the intended social impact. 

Finally, they spoke about the support they received from the EIT Community: 

“The EIT Community is something that has accompanied us since we were students. To know that we are connected, even in different ways, to fellow students feels like being a part of a large family. You always know there is someone that can help you or show you the best way to accomplish something.” 

According to Luca and Dane, being connected implies having access to a plethora of options and staying up to date on relevant issues via virtual or in-person meetings. 

Find more about the Hackathon launched by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and EIT Alumni here