Founded in 2015, FlyNex aims to bring automated workflows for drone data projects to any type of application in a number of industries.

Supported by EIT Digital

FlyNex is a Hamburg-based drone data and solutions provider that helps companies bring drones into their business operations to gather and analyse data in a new and efficient way.

FlyNex’s corporate data mining platform is based on industrial business intelligence companies using drones in fully integrated processes. Their drone-based technology helps corporations save up to 90% of the costs that traditional data mining processes typically involve. The platform helps to significantly increase the quality of the information and business insights.

Helping companies collect and manage data with drones

FlyNex helps companies in energy, waste, construction, and real estate run their projects by using drones to collect and distribute data quickly and accurately. These companies usually have over EUR 50 million in revenue and a large number of distributed assets to manage.

To be as efficient as possible, FlyNex’s drones arrive pre-configured and fully compliant with any operational system, allowing teams to connect their digital planning process with the drones seamlessly. They can then systematically share and execute their operations, automate their drone flights and completely streamline the data generation processes. With FlyNex, companies can have their sites closely monitored and surveyed, gaining valuable insights into site management and operations. They can then use the insights to make their processes more efficient, providing value to all project stakeholders.

FlyNex currently supports several major businesses in Germany, including Deutsche Telekom and Mitnetz Strom. In 2018, they released their end-user solution Map2Fly, which was accessed by over 100 000 users, and has processed over 12 million location queries since its launch.

EIT Community support

To further expand their business and accelerator international growth, Flynex has joined the EIT Digital Accelerator in 2020. The EIT Digital Accelerator’s team is helping the German scale-up connect with new customers and move towards establishing their drone solution as a go-to choice for businesses.

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