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Husam Rajab


Graduate of EIT Health's Summer School – McTivAgeing


Husam’s decision of connecting his Communication Engineering – Internet of things and 5G Technology – research field with the Health sector, followed his participation at the EIT Health’s Summer School McTivAgeing in Portugal about mobility and active ageing, and other EIT Health workshops. 

In 2019, he joined the EIT Health Innovation Day in Pécs University in Hungary, to tackle the challenge “Supporting the job with innovative methods of such institutions that help children who suffer from life-risking and life-shortening diseases”. Caring Hand Network was the idea developed by the team to provide an online platform to connect parents and volunteers, with joined efforts with Tábitha Ház in Hungary. The idea embedded an application, using machine learning, that aimed to find the best fit and match for families according to their children’s special needs. Their idea was awarded with the 1st Prize.

“I decided to join because EIT will help me in shaping my future and research career. The prospect of joining with such an essential educational initiative in collaboration with leading European academic and health industrial partners is fascinating. It would be an honour to contribute and expand the myriad skills I have gathered and will learn throughout my previous accomplished years of experience through EIT programs.” – Husam Rajab


More about McTivAgeing: here