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Indrè Taurosevičiūtė  


EIT Digital Alumni, Co-founder at SpotYet, and Project Manager at SuperHow  

It all started when Indrè began exploring dual master's programs in other countries and found about EIT. She desired to combine her technical education with social components, and the business idea that came up was also a fantastic match with her interests. Indrè regognises that studies at EIT were beneficial not only in terms of research quality and variety but also in terms of the opportunities they offered: "Everything looks to be possible when you are a student at EIT!" she exclaimed. 

She opted to study Data science at two of Europe's top-ranked tech universities, Eindhoven University of Technology and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. However Indrè believes that choosing a university based on its culture and philosophy is more important than its ranking and students should make choices based on their personal interest and commitment, since some institutions provide greater flexibility, others are more restrictive. 

While studying Technology Entrepreneurship at Eindhoven University, Indrè  learned how to transform an idea into a business solution, while working in teams throughout the business creation process together. Following this experience, she decided to attend a hackathon in Belgium and try her hand at a fresh business idea with her team.  This was how SpotYet was born. The timing was excellent for the idea to grow since she and her team had the opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice and develop it alongside courses, which helped to verify the idea's acceptability, feasibility, and viability.  

Indrè believes that anything is possible if you are proactive, entrepreneurial, and eager to learn. She was an active bachelor student, for example, and when she returned to Lithuania, her university professor offered her a job opportunity. She stated: 

“In general, I had a chance to be part of the knowledge triangle, which is a solution for unity in the growing society.  I have never heard about it while working in Lithuania, while the EIT is highly encouraging.  I believe that education, business, and policies should align, and the EIT is the best place to experience it.”  

EIT Digital supported Indré and her team from the start. With the EIT's help, they were able to test their products at EIT Digital Events and network with other KICs. Also, the EIT community helped greatly through promotional events that were useful to spread the word about their initiative.  

Finally, Indrè has been a member of the EIT Digital Alumni from the very first year of her studies and she established close relationships with the community members, has attended alumni meetings, and has represented EIT Digital at various events. For Indré, being a part of the EIT community gave her a sense of belonging at every stage of her incredible journey. On the other hand, she only met students from other KICs in her final year, and she believes that more inter-KIC meetings and sharing experiences with people from other study programs would be very valuable.