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Mercè Labordena


Graduate from EIT InnoEnergy Master School in Renewable Energy, President of Women@EIT

Mercè Labordena is the perfect example of how EIT Alumni can improve their skills and knowledge, within the community, and create space for others to thrive.

After graduating from the EIT InnoEnergy Master School MSc in Renewable Energy programme, she joined the EIT Alumni Community and became advisor to the CommUnity by EIT InnoEnergy, the European-wide network of sustainability innovators, collaborating for global impact through entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives. This experience, reinforced by a PhD in Climate Policy at ETH Zurich, set the path so she could become Senior Advisor to the European solar industry association, where she liaises with governments and advise organisations to accelerate the energy and digital transition in Europe.

Later, she became the president of Women@EIT, the network of women from the EIT Community. This network is a space intended to inspire the next generation of female leaders, promote women leadership across all the EIT Innovation Communities, and empower women to become the next generation of role models in innovation, business, entrepreneurship and technology.

Women@EIT collaborated with the EIT Alumni Community during the 2020 EIT Alumni CONNECT event, organising a workshop on 'Data Bias in applied AI'. The workshop discussed how the use of AI can be managed in a responsible way, to manage our consumption and production, and to raise awareness, between the participants, of data bias regarding gender equality in AI.

'Creating an environment where women can thrive, with initiatives that support them, help them advance in their professional career, and reward them for the value they bring to the table, it is a smart and strategic business approach that translates into positive results. (…) This role provides me room for creativity, and it allows me to grow new skills in the areas I enjoy the most: personal development, leadership and decision-making, and networking. If something sounds scary – as this role at the beginning – just say yes and live the experience at full.' – about her role at Women@EIT.

More about Women@EIT: here