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Peter Lakatos

Student at EIT Digital Master School & CEO and Co-founder of Entremo


Peter Lakatos has graduated from the EIT Digital Master School Data Science – Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Eindhoven University of Technology and KTH, a programme which combines technical studies with business and entrepreneurship courses. In 2019, he started being a business mentor at the EIT Digital Master School Kick-off, which is an introductory weekend for the new students at EIT Digital Master School. His role was to support the students’ teams in their business and idea development aspects.  

In his experience, he collects many winning participations in international hackathons, some of them leading to offers from incubators. As he once said, he believes in the opportunities these events can bring. "We were taught at the EIT Digital Master School that we need to find solutions to problems that truly exist. Hence, we spend a few hours on brainstorming and talking with experts. Basically, this is the most fun part of the hackathon, we laugh a lot.”

This year and in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, he and his team 'Discover' won the EIT Crisis Response Initiative Budget (EUR 325 000) for their innovative monitoring prototype that measures the patients’ vital signs and then can be available for assessment by medical staff, thereby allowing caregivers to remotely conduct check-ups for patients in a far more efficient way. The data and correlating diagnostics are displayed on an online platform, through which health workers remain informed in real-time. The inspiration came after receiving feedback from several doctors at a recent online hackathon to tackle COVID-19 challenges, stressing monitoring as a pressing issue.

More about Entremo: here