Purified Metal Company

Purified Metal Company

Recycling contaminated steel scrap, not dumping it in landfills, supported by EIT RawMaterials

The Purified Metal Company solution recycles contaminated steel scrap in a cost-effective and sustainable manner, rather than dumping it in landfills or cleaning it at high cost. Through a single patented process, they produce a high-quality end product for the steel industry: Purified Metal Blocks™ (PMBs).

This EIT RawMaterials-supported company was nominated for an EIT Award in 2017. Soon their blocks will be used commercially, because they started building their first factory in 2018.

On 24 September, PMC inaugurated the first recycling plant for contaminated steel in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. Guest of honour, His Majesty the King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, welcomed numerous guests and solemnly opened the plant, underlining the importance of the issue: a sustainable Europe is no longer a mere idea, it is already taking shape.

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