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Spanish start-up YPSICON developed a sterilisation technology that ensures food sustainability, security and quality.

Supported by EIT Food

The company, born out of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in 2011, set out to overcome the obstacles presented by the traditional, heat-based approach to sterilising food, which - while it is effective in killing microbes - can also reduce the nutritional value of the food.

YPSICON commercialises three patented technologies on a global basis which have great potential for the beverage industry: Ultrahigh pressure sterilisation/homogenisation, Ultraviolet-Thermal pasteurisation and UV-C bottle sterilisation.

YPSICON works closely with the AZTI food technology centre in Spain on a number of European projects.

EIT Community support 

YPSICON proposed its involvement in a project with EIT Food in 2016, which resulted in the company becoming part of EIT Food’s RisingFoodStars network.

EIT Food is a great and unique ecosystem for innovation and allows interactions between science, entrepreneurs, universities and the big food multinationals, and provides a coming together of the food innovation community that doesn’t happen anywhere else.

Leo Moreta, YPSICON

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