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Aerosol-borne infections fought by EIT Health-backed firm

Device helps to protect dentists and their patients from infections like COVID-19.

Astradentium, a former start-up supported by EIT Health’s Headstart programme, has ramped up production of its innovation to help protect dentists and their patients from aerosol-borne infections, including the virus that causes COVID-19.

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Despite standard disinfection procedures, a dentist’s chair poses the risk of cross contamination between the dentist and patient, from bacteria, viruses and other pathogens present in saliva, blood and oral surfaces. Víctor Lloro, a Spanish dentist, and his brother Ivan Lloro, a space engineer, created a filter that prevents suspended microparticles, droplets and contaminated aerosols created in any standard dental procedure, from contaminating the dental office work area.

Oral Bio Filter (OBF) is worn on the patients’ mouth and is integrated into the standard dental suction. It generates an air curtain to prevent microparticles from hanging in the air. It is therefore able to prevent cross contamination, even from oral sprays.



The demand for protection against aerosol-borne infections has increased with the onset of COVID-19, and after selling more than 100 000 units in Europe and the Americas, the company is ramping up production, according to Ivan Lloro.

Astradentium created its OBF product in 2016, and that same year they received an EIT Health Headstart  grant to support development, which led to a market launch in 2019.

I would like to express our gratitude to EIT Health’s vision for supporting a product like the OBF as well as helping transitioning Astradentium Health Technologies from start-up status to a fully fledged exporting company

Ivan Lloro, Astradentium