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EIT Crisis Response Initiative Budget: EUR 699 225

Partners: Tecanlia (ES); Bosch VHIT (IT); Bilbao City Hall; Modena Energy and Sustainable Development Agency (IT); Nova (IT); One Less Van (IT); Municipality of Bergamo (IT).

Innovation: Inclusiv-Ebike will develop and demonstrate a new concept of rickshaw e-bikes capable of promoting safety and comfort by extending inclusiveness to fragile and vulnerable who have experienced decreased mobility. Inclusiv-Ebike promotes a new era of personalised transport capable of promoting inclusion and assuring social distancing, transport sustainability and healthy aging.

Expected Results: Inclusiv-Ebike will improve safety, comfort and accessibility. It will also contribute to the increase use of eBikes within cities, directly affecting the wellbeing of individuals and at the same time assuring social distancing measures.



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