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RAPID - RApid Prototyping In 3D

EIT Crisis Response Initiative Budget: EUR 291 113

Partners: University College of London (UK); Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied research (DE); City of Copenhagen (DK); Municipality of Sabadell (ES); Studio Profondo (IT); Pixel Mill (UK).

Innovation: Improving the delivery of COVID-19 interventions in the built environment, such as cycling or walking schemes. RAPID will use rapid prototyping in 3D to support city decision-making and citizen engagement around changes and interventions to the built environment in response to COVID-19 mobility restrictions, de-escalation phases and social distancing.

Expected Results: Rapid will result in more informed decision-making and more engaged citizens leading to greater acceptance of new ways of moving around a city through participatory redesign of public spaces. Engaging citizens in these decisions is more likely to get their support than simply imposing new approaches. Whilst the focus of RAPID is the response to the current COVID-19 crisis, it will have value beyond as cities explore new urban designs in response to changing behaviours.

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