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2024 Rocket Up applications are now open!

The Rocket Up programme supports top women-led technological ventures achieve successful international expansion in Europe.

 Seamlessly enter a new European market with a solid strategy and local validation of your innovative product and service.

RocketUp in a Nutshell

Achieving significant growth in Europe demands a comprehensive internationalisation process. Each market launch requires a specific path according to its unique history, attributes, needs and goals. That is why in Rocket Up we provide a personalised programme, that combines insightful and inspiring lessons with the finest methodology and tools to shape your expansion journey, complemented by carefully selected, exceptional mentors. These mentors encompass both business-oriented experts and regional advisors, contributing to your success in your new market expansion.

Join the Rocket Up journey today to leverage our specialised programme, tailored support, and invaluable networking opportunities for scaling your tech venture. Whether you’re in mobility, food, or manufacturing, our programme is designed to propel your growth and make your mark on the global stage.

  • Know which market to expand to and why
  • Get a defined go-to-market strategy and actionable to-do list
  • Meet the right stakeholders and potential new partners at your destination
  • Grow your network with experts and mentors
  • Connect with other woman-led start-ups

Why RocketUp?

Rocket Up recognises the substantial gender disparity in the tech start-up ecosystem, where merely 15% of companies are either founded or co-founded by women. This gender imbalance is even more pronounced when it comes to successfully scaling ventures and securing funding. We acknowledge the unique challenges that women encounter while striving to grow their businesses within a predominantly male-oriented environment. It is for this reason that our programme is dedicated to support women-led ventures, helping them overcome barriers and access new markets an essential step for scaling and achieving success in Europe.

By providing customised support and networking opportunities, we aim to bridge the gap and facilitate the growth of women-led start-ups, enabling them to become influential players in the entrepreneurial landscape and serve as inspiring role models for future generations.