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EIT Climate-KIC Climate Innovation Leadership 2021 – Call for partners

EIT Climate-KIC has launched a call to identify two partners to join an existing cohort of partners to deliver the Climate Innovation Leadership pilot programme in 2021.

Young people are calling for action on climate change, top graduates want to contribute to organisations, industries and businesses that are working towards a net-zero transition. This is a generation that recognises the need for systemic change and wants to be equipped to meet and drive forward the scale of change required. This means there is an urgent need for students to be trained in new skills relating to leadership, innovations and systems thinking.

The Climate Innovation Leadership Programme (CIL) is an evolution of the Master School Programme from EIT Climate-KIC; a programme with nearly ten years’ experience in empowering and enabling students to act on climate challenges. Built on the foundation of the EIT Label framework, the Climate Innovation Leadership Programme is spreading an entrepreneurial mindset combined with multidimensional leadership skills over Europe as a tool to transform our societies in a just and sustainable way.

More about the Climate Innovation Leadership Programme

Who can apply?

This call for proposals is open for applications to both EIT Climate-KIC partners and non-partner organisations, though restricted to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). However, organisations will not be eligible to receive funding until they have EIT Climate-KIC Partner status. This means that only EIT Climate-KIC Partner organisations who have acceded to the new Horizon Europe legal framework (or as required by EIT) are eligible to receive EIT-funding.

Further eligibility requirements can be found below:

Call to Action & Guidelines

How to apply?

The call is a one-stage process, the submission of a full proposal followed by assessment and decision outcome. To apply for this call, please follow these steps:

  • Read the relevant Call to Action and Guidelines which contains an outline of the programme, guidance on submitting, eligibility criteria, and the assessment/selection criteria
  • Speak to a relevant KIC colleague about the proposal that you are preparing
  • Submit your online application on Plaza
Deadline for submission: 20 January 2021 - 18:00 (CET)

Have questions?

Should you wish to speak to someone at EIT Climate-KIC about the programme, please email

More information regarding the call

Please note that timing provided on this page is given for guidance only. Please visit the website for up-to-date information.