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The EIT Community brings you Red Kalyna, our award for Ukrainian women

EIT Jumpstarter is supporting Red Kalyna, a new initiative by the EIT Community. For Ukrainians, the red kalyna symbolises resistance to foreign dominance and political oppression which is why we chose this symbolic plant as the name of our new award for Ukrainian women. 

The award will go to those who have developed innovative products or solutions or transformed their businesses into innovative ones. We also look for inspiring female leaders who mentor and guide others in innovation and entrepreneurship. Ten Ukrainian role models will be inducted into the Red Kalyna Hall of Fame every year. A label like “Red Kalyna by EIT Community” symbolises their strength and resilience. They will join the pan-European EIT Community, gaining recognition and visibility.

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Would you like to support Ukrainian female leaders?

We’re looking for external partners who want to help female entrepreneurs from Ukraine. Become a part of this meaningful initiative with Europe’s largest innovator community by offering in-kind contributions.

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