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EIT Food: Call for Proposals and Contributions

After an initial delay caused by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, EIT Food has confirmed the launch of its Call for Proposals and Contributors for its 2021 portfolio in the functional areas of Education, Innovation, Business Creation and Public Engagement (Communication).

2021 will be a transition year for EIT Food - the move to Horizon Europe of the new financial framework 2021-2027 will bring changes to how EIT Food operates. In particular, this is manifested through the stronger portfolio management by introducing six Focus Areas, linked with EIT Food’s Strategic Objectives (About EIT Food) that will shape the EIT Food portfolio in 2021 and onwards.

Deadline: 28 June, 23:59 CET

Focus Areas

  • Alternative Proteins: developing new/alternative protein sources through efficient and sustainable production and processing methods to yield high quality, safe, healthy, and sustainable products or ingredients for food and feed.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: helping increase crop and livestock productivity in a sustainable way to reduce the impact of food production on the environment and meet the growing food demand due to population growth.
  • Targeted Nutrition: adapting what we eat to traits such as age, gender, genetic make-up, microbiome features and disease state, and considering parameters such as lifestyle, allergies, food intolerances to promote, maintain or regain general wellness during every life-stage.
  • Sustainable Aquaculture: activities to drive the transition to sustainable practices in the farming of animals (including crustaceans, finfish and molluscs) and plants (including seaweeds and freshwater macrophytes) in both inland (freshwater) and coastal (brackish water, seawater) areas.
  • Digital Traceability: improving the safety, efficiency and sustainability of food and increase consumer trust, as well as contributing towards the digital transformation of the food system.
  • Circular Food systems: facilitating a shift from the current linear model (make, use, dispose) to a circular food system, implying the reuse of resources, reduction and (re)-utilisation of side and waste streams to prevent food loss and waste and to allow nutrient recycling and reduction in GHG emissions as well as water and land use.

Download the guidelines

Details about the call for Education, Innovation and Business Creation are available in the 'Download the guidelines' button. The call is currently only open to existing EIT Food partners. If you wish to get involved in EIT Food's activities, please visit the Get Involved section on the EIT Food website for more information on the different opportunities to work with us.

Furthermore, on 5 May 2020, the Public Engagement (Communication) area will launch an open call for Proof of Concept Societal Impact activities where relevant organisations from outside the EIT Food partnership will be able to join activities led by an EIT Food partner. Please note that if a Proof of Concept activity will be approved, the external organisations will have to become EIT Food partners. Proof of Concepts are a first step in defining new multi-year activities that will be implemented from 2022 onwards. More information on becoming an EIT Food partner is available in our Partnership PolicyFor more information, please visit the 'Get Involved' section of EIT Food's website.

Email us with any questions about this Call for Proposals and Contributions