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EIT Food Curating Citizen Engagement

The EIT Food Curating Citizen Engagement project teaches students across Europe to build digital citizen science activities to co-create the future of food.

The Curating Citizen Engagement course is a EIT Food funded project which provides students a heads-on opportunity to tackle food-related societal problems using citizen science to disseminate fact-based knowledge and co-create novel solutions.

Through a university course developed by partners representing different aspects of the food ecosystem (from sensory perception to nutrition to food policy), EIT Food will educate the next generation of students to be able to engage and involve the public in tackling food-related societal challenges. Students will learn iterative prototyping skills to create museum installations with built-in data collection points, that will engage the public and assist in shaping future food solutions. Thus, citizens are not only provided with knowledge on food-related topics, but are empowered and encouraged to actively use it, leading to more trust in the food sector in general.

The outcomes

Students developed digital citizen science activities on a gamification platform, collected data over several months across four European countries (Denmark, Italy, Spain and the UK), analysed data, and now they are disseminating their findings via high-impact communication platforms online and in public locations.

EIT Food students are now testing their prototypes from 27 to 29 November. Don't miss this opportunity, click the link below and try them out!

Curating Citizen Engagement

Please, note that the link will be available ONLY on 27, 28, 29 November.