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EIT Urban Mobility and NetZeroCities invite cities to the Twinning Learning Programme

The second Call for Twin Cities launches on 8 April 2024, within the framework of the EU Cities Mission. 

The Twinning Learning Programme pairs cities that are not already engaged with the Cities Mission with Pilot Cities, fostering collaboration and driving systemic change towards climate neutrality. NetZeroCities unites 34 Partners from 13 countries to work together in achieving the EU Cities Mission. EIT Urban Mobility and NetZeroCities invite cities outside the EU Cities Mission, that are not yet Pilot or Twin Cities, to apply to the second Call for Twin Cities.

In 2020, over two thirds of greenhouse gas emissions originated from urban areas, making cities a focus for climate action. By leveraging the growing network of cities within and beyond the initiative, a wide transfer of innovative climate solutions and approaches can be facilitated. Successful Twin City applicants will be paired with Pilot Cities who share similar interests, such as waste, energy, or construction to accelerate knowledge uptake on decarbonisation measures. Over a 20-month span, starting late September 2024, the tailored learning programme will facilitate structured learning activities for knowledge exchange and capacity building including support for onsite visits, workshops and expert facilitation. Selected cities will develop a ‘Twin Cities Action Plan’ to outline learnings and how these can be applied to their local context.

The eligibility criteria for cities includes: 

  • Being located in EU countries or associated countries of Horizon Europe 
  • A commitment to climate neutrality before or by 2050 
  • Not being part of the EU Cities Mission 
  • Not yet being a Twin or Pilot City 

The applications window is open until 31 May 2024. 

How to apply