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The RAPTOR 2024 Call is now open!

EIT Urban Mobility is happy to announce that the 2024 RAPTOR Call is now open!

Rapid environmental changes are impacting our cities and require rapid and innovative actions. The Rapid Applications for Transport (RAPTOR) Programme seeks to do so via its agile competition. The RAPTOR competition matches European cities facing urban mobility challenges with start-ups with innovative solutions.  

Meet your RAPTOR 2024 cities

In 2024, 13 cities from across Europe with niche mobility challenges requiring innovative solutions have been selected to participate in the Rapid Applications for Transport (RAPTOR) programme.

EIT Urban Mobility is excited to welcome the following cities to the RAPTOR family!

RAPTOR 2024 Call

The competition was launched for start-ups to propose solutions addressing these city mobility challenges. Each city, supported by technical and business advisors, will select the most promising start-ups to receive funding, to develop their solution to be tested in the city within five months of award.

Following the agile methodology of the programme, the projects will kick off in August and run until December 2024. During these 5 months, winners will work closely with their respective city. Firstly the innovative start-up solutions for mobility challenges will need to be developed and tailored to the city specific requirements. Then they will be tested and validated in real-life demonstrations.

A maximum of 13 awardees, one per city challenge, will be selected and supported by EIT Urban Mobility financially, technically, and commercially, from August to December 2024. In addition to funding of up to EUR 40 000, awardees will receive technical and business mentoring, and support to market and promote the project. Applicants are sought from EU Member States or Horizon Europe associated states.

Applications close 6 May 2024, 17:00h CET.