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Request for host organisation for EIT Food RIS Fellowships 2024

Companies, start-ups, research institutes and universities whose activity is related to the agri-food sector or having departments related to work for the food industry encouraged to apply.

We're looking for organisations who would like to host Master of Science students and graduates and/or Ph.D. students and post-docs researchers and who would have an opportunity to participate in a 3–6 months unique professional internship within the framework of the EIT Food RIS Fellowships Activity Line. We assure important outreach to different academic institutions from EIT RIS countries, attracting best students and graduates to the food industry and presenting challenges and opportunities of the agri-food sector.

Our Goal

Submit your proposal and take part in the EIT Food RIS Fellowships Activity Line in 2024. We will be looking for talented Msc students and graduates (RIS Fellowships program) as well as Ph.D. students and researchers (RIS Talents program) from the top universities among RIS countries (Regional Innovation Scheme), specialising in different areas of food and offer them 3–6 months internships. The RIS Fellowships Activity Line targets candidates from all EIT RIS countries. RIS Fellowships interns will apply academic knowledge in practical real problematic situations of the hosting institution, as well as have an opportunity to develop their competences and job-related skills, while RIS Talents doctoral students and young post-docs will participate in innovative projects, Horizon Europe projects or R&D projects carried out by hosting institution. Participants will gain the job-related insight into the food sector, will be able to identify its challenges and will set their minds to answer them.

Request for Host RIS Fellowships 2024