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Provide knowledge and a strong entrepreneurship background

Over a period of three weeks, the EUR 50 programme provides you a dynamic and supportive environment for you to develop your knowledge on soil health, soil microbiology, eco-friendly farming practices towards sustainable and climate farming agriculture while contributing to business creation on food wealth.

I think it is a great opportunity to learn everything related to regenerative agriculture. I am here with many people who work and study in the agriculture sector. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and make good business connections. So I am really happy and lucky to be here.

Elisa Alberghini, RIS Inspire HealthySoil4Life Participant, Italy


Integrating entrepreneurship training with food production innovation will enable you to create solutions to global challenges such as decreasing soil functionality and health. The programme has been developed and will be delivered by an outstanding collaborative group composed of European universities, institutes, food industry companies, farmers, and agri-food start-ups. This unique programme features teaching by highly skilled mentors in entrepreneurship in the food system from Food4Sustainability (Portugal), BGI (Portugal), Idanha-a-Nova Municipality (Portugal) and Sevilla University (Spain) with contributions from Real Idanha (Portugal), and The Grand Farm (Austria).

We are here at Vale Feitoso in Penha Garcia. I am very happy to be part of this summer school that EIT Food has made possible. It's a great experience to learn about new areas. And I hope I get to live this experience again, because it's simply amazing.

Valentina Masso, RIS Inspire HealthySoil4Life Participant, Portugal

Career Opportunities: This programme is for you!

Training in entrepreneurship on Soil Health and sustainable practices for the agrifood sector you can create career opportunities as a university student, early career researcher or as young entrepreneur:

  1. By completing your plan of studies in agronomy, biology, and related fields.
  2. Through the creation of start-ups based on the ideas developed during the summer school program
  3. By boosting your chances of being employed by start-ups, SMEĀ“s and bigger companies across the sustainable food system.
  4. By improving your chances of being employed in local, national, and international activities in administration, teaching, and training.
  5. By improving your chances of being employed by NGOs and media companies

The training of students on sustainable and smart farming can make a difference for the current and future generations that will have a reference to follow due to this capacitation. The creation of new businesses will provide a reduction in the current sectoral unemployment but also fill a gap of sectoral innovation.

After two weeks of online training, I am very happy to be here in Portugal, at the EIT Food Summer School. I love talking to students, hearing their perspectives, learning from them, training them and giving them advice. HealthySoil4Life is the most important thing we can do to restore soil. Thank you so much EIT Food.

Alfred Grand, Owner and Entrepreneur, The Grand Farm, Delivery Team RIS Inspire HealthySoil4Life

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