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EIT Manufacturing Alumni Community Launched with Vision for Innovation and Sustainability

The launch is projected to be a significant move towards fostering innovation and sustainability within the manufacturing sector.

In an exclusive interview with Diogo Rocha, Vice-President of the community's Board, we delved into the aspirations, motivations, and action lines guiding this transformative initiative.

Rocha, stepping in as President in the absence of the incumbent, shared insights into the community's vision, emphasising a commitment to fostering a sense of belonging, connectivity, and affiliation. "Our vision is focused on fostering a sense of belonging, connectivity, and affiliation within the community, driving the industry towards green and sustainable goals, and facilitating innovation and continuous learning through shared knowledge and collaboration," said Rocha.

We are positioned to make a significant impact by tapping into our collective expertise in fostering strong professional networks, encouraging collaborative innovation, and championing lifelong learning.

Diogo Rocha, Vice-President of the EIT Manufacturing Alumni Community Board

Rise of the Future Club

The genesis of the EIT Manufacturing Alumni community stems from the growing need for a space where stakeholders from diverse backgrounds within the manufacturing sector can converge, collaborate, and drive innovation. "EIT Manufacturing is quite new organisation, established in 2019 with the vision that global manufacturing will continue to be led by Europe," explained Rocha. "Since then, the community of EIT Manufacturing has grown up and involved different stakeholders from the manufacturing sector." 

The community chose to call itself "The Future Club," emphasising inclusivity and diversity while welcoming innovators from backgrounds like start-ups, established companies, and academia. "Here they can share ideas and work together to transform the manufacturing scenario," highlighted Rocha.

My motivation is to see us collectively shaping an industry that not only thrives on innovation but also prioritises environmental stewardship and technological advancement.

Diogo Rocha, Vice-President of the EIT Manufacturing Alumni Community Board

As the EIT Manufacturing Alumni community sets its sights on a future defined by innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity, Rocha's insights shed light on the collective determination to drive meaningful change within the manufacturing industry. With a strategic agenda firmly in place, the community stands poised to make significant strides towards a more sustainable and innovative future. "Our focus is on fostering innovation and a culture of lifelong learning, ensuring that the rich knowledge and values of EIT Manufacturing's educational initiatives are lived and shared," said Rocha.

The launch of the EIT Manufacturing Alumni community signals a new chapter in the journey towards transforming the manufacturing landscape, with a clear vision and unwavering commitment to driving positive change.

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