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Circular Economy: meet Victor Dewulf - #EITlive


Join us on Thursday, 10 June for an inspiring #EITlive interview with Victor Dewulf, CEO and Co-founder of Recycleye

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The EIT is strongly committed to supporting innovators that help society mitigate and adapt to climate change. Achieve a circular and sustainable economy can save our planet and, at the same time, can give more opportunities in terms of business creation. For these reasons, we decided to interview an inspiring entrepreneur part of the EIT Community that has the same vision for our society, Victor Dewulf.

Victor is from England and he is CEO and Co-founder at Recycleye, an intelligent waste management start-up that aims to bring transparency to the recycling industry. 

Recycleye began its operation in 2019 with only Victor Dewulf and Peter Hedley, with the aim to bring transparency to the recycling industry and accelerate the world’s transition to a circular economy. Two years on and Recycleye is a fully-fledged company closer to accomplishing its mission and in a few years, the start-up has been able to achieve great milestones. Just to name one, in 2021, Victor and Peter were named in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list in the Science Impact category.

Don't miss the chance to get to know better Victor and his inspiring journey.

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