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EIT RIS @10 Event ‘Unleashing Innovation in the Outermost Regions'


EIT Community is hosting @10 Event ‘Unleashing Innovation in the Outermost Regions' as part of the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme's tenth-anniversary celebrations. 

The EIT Regional Innovation Scheme is a unique programme that unlocks the innovative potential of moderate and modest countries within Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe. In light of the fact that the Outermost Regions are part of these groups, EIT Community would like to even more eagerly involve the stakeholders from there in the projects pursued in the field of education, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

During the event, the EIT Strategy for the Outermost Regions will be presented, which was developed in close consultation with local stakeholders. Key conclusions will address possible courses of action for greater inclusion of Outermost Regions in the European innovation ecosystem. The assets of these territories are aligned with the thematic priorities of the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs). It is important to note that they also face persistent constraints, including geographic isolation, climate change vulnerability, and a limited knowledge of available European funds. In line with EU priorities, the EIT strategy aims to empower these territories to unlock their potential, encouraging innovation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange.

The event agenda promises insightful discussions and presentations on vital topics such as designing innovative ecosystems for the future, upskilling talents or building new innovative ventures.

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