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Focus Talk on Food Waste


Join EIT Food on 29 February at 18:00 CET for a live webinar delving into the crucial issue of food waste!

Hosted by EIT Food Education, this event brings together speakers from the hotel and restaurant industry and food banks to shed light on the challenges surrounding food waste and how the general public can contribute to solutions.

Sharing Knowledge within our Community

This informal webinar will feature learners who have completed the online course 'From Waste to Value: Tackling Food Waste', and provide insights into actionable strategies for reducing food waste. This interactive session will offer you the opportunity to engage directly with the panelists, ask questions, and explore ways to transform your own practices and attitudes towards food waste.

As advocates for a net zero food system, EIT Food is committed to fostering community engagement and driving positive change. Whether you've completed the online course or are simply passionate about making a difference, this webinar is your chance to delve deeper into the societal impacts of food waste and be part of the solution.


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