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The Future of Learning - EIT Education Conference 2021


Technology is affecting every part of our society – from the way we communicate and collaborate, to the work we do, the skills we need, and the way we learn those skills. 

Learning is the key – for students to adapt to new work environments, and to educators preparing these students for new ways of working.

The Future of Learning will provide a platform to explore current and future learning trends in Europe. We will present solutions to transform teaching and learning methods, covering topics such as: gamification; virtual reality; and non-traditional education. The programme will include keynotes, interactive sessions, as well as tailored masterclasses to deep dive in subject of choice.

Education will be essential in solving the pressing global challenges. Our goal is to accelerate the transformation of learning pathways to ensure we can adapt successfully.


  1. Virtual reality
  2. Gamification
  3. Learning Pathways
  4. Future Education Trends

Who can attend?

  • Students, life long learners
  • Educators
  • Stakeholders involved in education
  • EIT Community Members

Why attend?

  1. Discover EIT Education Programmes
  2. Learn about current and future education trends
  3. Scope out future collaboration opportunities 
  4. Explore the latest insights on how we learn

Check out the speakers and the event agenda here