14 selected agrifood start-ups will join EIT Food RisingFoodStars

EIT Food RisingFoodStars third cohort

14 agrifood start-ups from 10 different countries will join the third cohort of the EIT Food RisingFoodStars community.

This next phase of expansion to EIT Food's scale-up association strengthens their commitment to transforming the food system by scaling agrifood companies in an international context who are actively driving the innovations of the future.

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The EIT Food RisingFoodStars Association is an umbrella organisation for high potential, game-changing mature agrifood start-ups and early scale-ups, enabling its members to participate as partners in all EIT Food activities. 

The third cohort of start-ups to the Association are:

  • Amai Proteins (IL): produces healthy, tasty and cost-effective proteins for the mass food market. 
  • Urban Crop Solutions (BE): provides total solutions for indoor vertical farming. 
  • Trellis AI (IL): a food system intelligence platform with real time data management and market intelligence over the entire food chain. 
  • Team30MHz (NL): a digital platform for all indoor farming with wireless sensors allowing real-time remote crop monitoring on any device. 
  • Fruitsapp (IT): a B2B Marketplace for the fresh produce industry, connecting companies based on their complementary needs. 
  • Connecting Food (FR): allows digital B2B food auditing in real time from farm to fork and demonstrates to consumers proof that brands respect commitments and fair-trade practices. 
  • Wasteless Ltd (IL): real-time dynamic pricing engine for fresh food that allows supermarkets to promote products with a shorter expiration date on the shelves. 
  • Mimica (UK): focuses on food expiry labelling, Mimica Touch shows food freshness and spoilage in real time, by change in texture.
  • SIA Agroplatforma (LV): develops a grain trading platform connecting farmers with buyers and the stock market. 
  • Natufia Labs (EE): focuses on vertical farming in-house, with a device that allows growing any plants and herbs automatically. 
  • Innovopro Ltd (IL): produces unique chickpea protein ingredients in order to create nutritious, tasty, safe, and sustainable food products. 
  • Thorice (IS): controlled chilling technology for the poultry industry. 
  • Novolyze SAS (FR): a food safety company, ensuring strong compliance with international Food Safety and Quality standards. 
  • Fazla Gida (TR): a holistic tech platform to manage food waste according to the Lansink ladder.

With every cohort we add new impactful members to our community who we know will leave a positive mark on society. I am delighted to welcome our new RisingFoodStars and am looking forward to making them an active part of our EIT Food family.

Annick Verween, RisingFoodStars Manager, EIT Food 

Five reasons to join EIT Food RisingFoodStars:

  1. Access to an unparalleled network: access to, and collaboration with, an expert network of industrial and academic partners in EIT projects, as well as potential customers and distribution channels. 
  2. Enhanced European reach: EIT Food is present in every country in Europe and beyond, helping businesses reach new markets and develop internationally. 
  3. Backing from a powerful brand: as the designated EU body to transform Europe’s food system, participants benefit from the powerful EIT Food RisingFoodStars brand, making businesses more attractive to investors and customers. 
  4. Increased visibility: access to and possibility to host a booth at best-in-class agrifood and entrepreneurship events, both in Europe and globally. 
  5. Long term support: business support and professional development in scaling up, investments and the typical pains of a scale-up during the membership. 

EIT Food supports innovative impactful agrifood entrepreneurs and start-ups to deliver new food innovations and businesses across Europe within its different programmes. These programmes are open to all agrifood companies. Within RisingFoodStars, they select only those companies who will drive the disruption of the food system and thereby help tackle the strategic objectives.

For media enquiries contact:

Annick Verween
RisingFoodStars Manager
T: +32 (0)492 340 759