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American university students introduced to EIT Manufacturing

University of Texas students were introduced to EIT Manufacturing at its manufacturing leadership event in Athens, Greece on 4 January 2024. 

EIT Manufacturing South East led the series of events with University of Texas students sitting in on its first event to learn about EIT Manufacturing's mission and accomplishments.

Filotas Niarchos, Communication Manager for EIT Manufacturing South East, and Aristeidis Katsiorchis, Innovation Manager, presented EIT Manufacturing’s activities and its vision for European leadership in the manufacturing sector. The students learned about EIT Manufacturing’s role in facilitating collaboration between industry, academia, and research institutions aalong with some of the concrete results that the organisation has achieved with its partners.

The event also featured a Q&A session on the differences between US and EU leadership in manufacturing. The students were invited to answer questions about the topic through an online app. EIT Manufacturing will use the feedback collected from the students to further its understanding of the leadership landscape in the US.

This was a valuable opportunity to share the organisation’s vision and to connect with the young ecosystem of the United States. More are on their way!