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Autonomous Systems: new programme at EIT Digital Master School

EIT Digital Autonomous Systems

The EIT Digital Master School offers students an entirely new programme on Autonomous Systems.

The programme is intended for Master’s level entrants who aspire to a career combining new innovative technologies with entrepreneurial thinking at. Students can apply now to enter the cohort of 2018-2019.

The Autonomous Systems programme will be offered by six European top technical universities who are partners in the EIT Digital pan-European ecosystem. The first year of the programme is offered by the KTH Royal Institute Of Technology in Sweden, Aalto University in Finland, Technische Universität Berlin in Germany and the University of Trento in Italy. In addition to these universities, the academic institutions Eurecom in Nice (France) and ELTE in Hungary offer the second year.

The Autonomous Systems programme offers six specialisations for the second year. These are:

  1. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  2. Intelligent Autonomous Systems
  3. Applications of Autonomous Systems
  4. Real-time Perception, Decision and Control for Autonomous Driving
  5. Sensing, Communicating and Processing Big Data for the Internet of Things
  6. Computer Science for Autonomous Driving

Petri Vuorimaa, professor at the Aalto University in Finland and initiator of the Autonomous Systems programme for EIT Digital, says that [tweetable]with this programme EIT Digital identifies a future need for skills that students will need to foster the digital transformation of industry[/tweetable]. 'Autonomous systems is an exiting area that offers new business opportunities, especially because of the recent developments in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. You see it, for example, in self-driving cars, automation and digitalisation of factories, where these new technologies are combined with services. These developments require new skills. This programme includes aspects of electrical engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, automatisation, and services. Combining these with innovation and entrepreneurship is rather unique in the academic world.'

The EIT Digital Master School aims to train professionals with state-of-the-art technical excellence in key digital technology areas, combined with strong expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship. Autonomous systems is one of the eight Master School programmes students can choose to study. The master school works together with 17 leading technical universities in nine countries and research and industry partners across Europe.

Students select for their studies two of these universities, one for each year. This is part of a mobility programme that EIT Digital encourages for the discovery of the European entrepreneurial spirit and cultural differences in industry and society. Also, in between the first and second year, a two-week Summer School in yet another country is mandatory for the students. These course are also attended by professionals who like to stay ahead of key technological developments.

Students in their final year of a Bachelor degree can apply now for the EIT Digital Master School Autonomous Systems programms on the Application Portal.

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