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Celebrating the first cohort of the EIT RawMaterials Accelerator Programme graduates

Celebrating the first cohort of the EIT RawMaterials Accelerator Programme graduates

On 29 October 2020, the first cohort of teams graduated from the EIT RawMaterials Accelerator Programme.

Five innovative start-ups took a journey that lasted over a year working with the EIT Raw Materials team of coaches and experts to increase the success rate and market opportunities of their high-impact solutions. EIT RawMaterials team of Business Developers worked with ambitious changemakers deploying the latest technology to bring new solutions that will impact the raw materials sector, including an increase in resource efficiency, safety measures, as well as fostering the transition to a circular economy and decreasing the environmental impact of operations.

These five companies have been growing throughout the past two years, accelerating their market introduction. They are ready now to expand their wings and increase their customers!

Nestor Coronado - Head of Business Development at EIT RawMaterials

Best ecological refining of raw materials

ekolive offers on-site fast metals measurement in solid and liquid samples, service of ecological bioleaching for metals extraction and minerals refining, decontamination of organic and inorganic contamination, creating added value for deposit owners and local metals and high-quality and purity industrial minerals for manufacturers, organic acids production for replacement of pesticides and organic fertiliser for agriculture.

Most effective cyanide monitoring

Cyanoguard manufactures and provides the best solution for safe and efficient cyanide monitoring and management. The vision of the team is to establish a global technology platform that brings analytical chemistry into the hands of everyone and empower informed decision making that makes the world more efficient and safer.

Speeding-up metal analysis of waters, from laboratories to the field

3AWater has developed a portable device for measuring the metal content of water on-site in real time. The technology brings great benefits compared to old-fashioned laboratory measurements. The technology by 3AWater provides the results at the sampling site in just a few minutes. This results in significant savings compared to the traditional laboratory analysis, which involves on-site sampling, delivery of the samples to a laboratory and measurements carried out with expensive devices by highly trained personnel.

Fabrication NXT ready solutions

mecorad works on in-line measurement and optimisation for hot metals forming of steel and metals. The start-up helps operators of metalworking plants to realise a higher quality of products, reduce loss in production and to connect their production facilities internally and along their value chain.

The next generation of concrete

ResourceFull is an expert in the valorisation of metallurgical and mining by-products in building applications. The team finds the use of these by-products by transforming them into minerals suitable to produce the next generation of concrete. ResourceFull offers a cement alternative based on the use of secondary resources, eliminating the dependency of primary raw materials and offering a far more ecological alternative to the construction industry.

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