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Deadline extended! Join the EIT Governing Board - Apply by 12 November

Are you looking for an opportunity to help Europe recover from the crisis through innovation?

Do you want to help Europe transition to a greener, healthier and more sustainable future? Then the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) has an opportunity for you.

The EIT is selecting up to seven new members for its Governing Board. The Call for Expression of Interest is now open: apply by 12 November 2021 and help drive Europe’s ability to innovate.

The EIT Governing Board  consists of 15 European innovation leaders and an observer from the European Commission appointed by the European Commission for a four-year mandate as well as a representative of the European Commission. The Board provides the EIT’s strategic leadership and is independent in its decision-making. More specifically, the Board is responsible for the selection, designation, funding, and evaluation of the EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities.

The EIT is the EU’s most experienced and largest innovation network that powers innovators and entrepreneurs across Europe to deliver unique solutions to pressing global challenges. The Institute makes innovation happen through a unique innovation model that supports the development of long-term  sustainable European partnerships – EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities – where businesses, education and research closely cooperate to deliver innovation and entrepreneurship.

The EIT’s logic is: innovation needs a pipeline of ideas, talent and a supporting ecosystem that accelerates their growth and is focussed in bringing solutions to citizens. With Europe’s most experienced and largest innovation network of more than 60 EIT Innovation Hubs, gathering around 3000 partners, the EIT gives innovators what they need to thriveThe Institute offers a wide range of activities to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into products, services and jobs. Activities include entrepreneurial education programmes, start-up and acceleration support and innovation-driven research projects.

Since 2010, the EIT Community has brought over 1 400 new products and services to the market, trained thousands of entrepreneurs and has backed over 3 800 ventures that have attracted EUR 3.9 billion in external investment. Meet some of the EIT Community supported entrepreneurs here.

The EIT has just received a strengthened mandate and budget of around EUR 3 billion as part of Horizon Europe and reflected in its new strategy for 2021 to 2027. This presents an opportunity to make an impact on major societal challenges through European cooperation.


Find out more about the EIT here and discover some of the innovations powered by the EIT.  

About the Selection Procedure

The selection procedure for up to seven new members of the EIT Governing Board begins with this Call for Expressions of Interest. Each member has a four-year mandate and Members are appointed in a personal capacity, acting independently and in the public interest.

Following the closure of the Call on 29 October 2021, a Steering Committee will evaluate the submissions and interview the highest-scoring candidates. The Steering Committee will then prepare a shortlist of candidates to be proposed as new members. The EIT Governing Board will assess and approve the shortlist and forward it to the European Commission.

The new members of the Governing Board will be appointed through a Commission Decision. In its appointments, the Commission gives regard to the balance between higher education, research, innovation and business experience as well as to gender and geographical balance.

More information is available in the EIT Governing Board’s decision on the selection procedure here.

About the Steering Committee

For this procedure, the EIT Governing Board’s Steering Committee consists of EIT Governing Board members: Nektarios Tavernarakis (chair), Martina Larkin (member), Nora Khaldi (member) and  Agnès Plagneux (substitute).

The Steering Committee identifies a list of potential candidates and will guarantee the independence, legitimacy and credibility of the process. More information about the members of the Steering Committee is available here.

The EIT Governing Board’s decision on the appointment of the Steering Committee is available here.


Please complete the online application form by 23:59 CET on 12 November 2021. 



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Are the members of the Governing Board exclusively EU citizens?     

A: No. There is no criterion regarding nationality in the requirements set in the Call for expression of interests.

Q: Is it necessary to be a current resident of Europe to be able to apply for the call?      

A: No. There are no requirements set in the Call for expression of interests as to where candidates are based geographically.

Q: Is it required to have proficiency in all three components (business, education, research) of the knowledge triangle?

A: Having a strong track record in any of the three components is essential as per the first Selection criterion in Article 8 of the Call for expression of interests. Ideally, candidates will also have a strong track record of knowledge triangle integration, which pre-supposes experience with more than one side of the knowledge triangle. Please, see the Call for expression of interests, Article 8 on Selection criteria for more information.

Q: Can applicants not selected for the shortlist of the candidates in the previous selection processes apply again?

A: Yes. There is no limitation as to whether candidates in previous selection processes could apply again.

Q: Can a candidate who has some links with KICs or EU bodies apply for this position?

A: In line with Article 6 of the Call for expression of interests, conflict of interest pursuant to the Code of Good Conduct on conflicts of interest for members of the Board constitutes an exclusion criteria. Candidates are requested to provide information on their links with KICs in the respective part of the online application form. A preliminary assessment of the information submitted will be undertaken by the EIT. The Steering Committee established in line with Article 4 of the Call will take a decision, based on the preliminary assessment, on whether or not the candidate in question shall be excluded based on the conflict of interest situation. Candidates will be informed about the outcome in due time. 

Q: What are the responsibilities and conditions in this role?

A: The responsibilities of the Board are described in detail in Article 3 of the Call for expression of interests. Being a member of the EIT Governing Board (GB) is not a full-time position. There are four half-day/one-day meetings per year and GB members may assume additional roles, such as being member of the GB’s Audit Committee, or may undertake additional tasks, such as representing the EIT in external events. Members receive honoraria for their participation in the GB meetings in line with the provisions of the relevant GB Decision.

Q: Can the application be updated before the deadline?

A: The application can be saved as a draft and updated any time before 23:59 CET, 29 October 2021.


Application deadline: 23:59 CET, 12 November 2021