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EIC Advisory Board announced

EIC Advisory Board

The European Commission has today revealed the 22 new members of the Advisory Board of the European Innovation Council.

The role of the Advisory Board will be to advise the European Commission on the development of the current and planned EIC pilot actions as well as the overall strategy for the future EIC and the design of the funding and support, in line with the Horizon Europe legislation.

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The EIT extends its congratulations to the first members of the Advisory Board on their nomination.

As a member of its Governing Board and Executive Committee, the EIT welcomes the appointment of Prof. Marja Makarow to help ensure EIC and EIT activities truly complement each other in powering Europe’s innovators.


It is an honour to be selected by the European Commission and to now support the EIC. I will strive to ensure Europe’s top innovators access the bespoke support they need to accelerate the process of taking their innovation to the market. 

Prof. Marja Makarow, Member of the EIT Governing Board and Executive Committee as well as of the EIC Advisory Board