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EIT Community entrepreneurs in the spotlight in Forbes 30 under 30

EIT Forbes 30 under 30

The EIT Community continues to be featured in the list of young entrepreneurs who shape the future of Europe 

In the last four years 43 entrepreneurs from the EIT Community were recognised by Forbes, with 11 entrepreneurs across four categories on this year's list.

Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport and the Commissioner responsible for the EIT, said: ‘Congratulations to all EIT Community entrepreneurs recognised by Forbes 30 under 30! I am proud of all the amazing young people we have been supporting with the EIT. We need to create more opportunities to train young innovators and equip them with the entrepreneurial skills they need to succeed. The EIT’s unique innovation model shows time and time again: talent, creativity and a supporting network are key to enable young innovators to turn their best ideas into products and services that can help us build a resilient, cohesive Europe.’ 


Niels Fibaek-Jensen - supported by EIT Climate-KIC

Niels is the CEO of Matter (previously Penstable), offering sustainable pension plans for individuals and companies. Matter was part of EIT Climate-KIC's Accelerator and was featured in EIT Climate-KIC's top 30 cleantech start-ups, who are the most ready for investors. 

Angel Versetti - supported by EIT Food 

As the co-founder and CEO of Ambrosus, Angel leads a blockchain-powered IoT network for food and pharmaceutical enterprises that optimises supply-chain visibility and quality assurance. In August 2018, Ambrosus joined EIT Food's RisingFoodStars Community, the network of leading start-ups and scaleups that support EIT Food's mission to tackle the agrifood challenges of the future. 

Manufacturing & Industry 

 JiaJun Cen - supported by EIT Climate-KIC

JiaJun invented the Blue Battery that stores electricity solely using water and table salt. With his company AquaBattery, he wants to revolutionise the energy storage world and foster the growth of renewable energy around the globe. AquaBattery has successfuly completed EIT Climate-KIC's Accelerator programme in the Netherlands.  

Alena Fargere - EIT Health partner 

Alena is an economist and strategist at AIR LIQUIDE, a European Healthcare Integrator, working to improve patients' quality of life at home, reducing hospitalisations and healthcare costs. AIR LIQUIDE is a Core Partner of EIT Health in their Innovation Hub in France.  

hiLyte - supported by EIT Climate-KIC

In emerging countries, one billion people do not have access to electricity and spend up to 30% of their wages to light up and charge their phones. The start-up hiLyte, develops an iron-consumable-based battery that enables people to get light and charge a phone. The venture participated in EIT Climate-KIC's 2018 edition of the ClimateLaunchpad contest.

Eirik Eide Pettersen - supported by EIT InnoEnergy

A graduate of EIT InnoEnergy's EIT-Label Master in Nuclear Energy Eirik Eide Pettersen is the co-founder and CSO of Seaborg Technologies, which is developing an advanced thorium-based molten salt reactor. The reactor can recycle nuclear waste and is incapable of melting down. 

Shubham Sandeep - supported by EIT Climate-KIC

Converting CO2 from a waste stream into a resource, Shubham Sandeep's start-up Skytree (formerly Giaura) directly removes CO2 from the Earth's atmosphere, providing a technological solution to climate change. Skytree received support through EIT Climate-KIC's Accelerator progamme. 

Retail & Ecommerce 

Kilian Kaminski & Peter Windischhofer - supported by EIT Climate-KIC

Kilian Kaminski and Peter Windischhofer founded Refurbed, an online marketplace for refurbished electronics. Refurbed successfully completed EIT Climate-KIC's Accelerator programme in Austria and was featured in EIT Climate-KIC's top 30 cleantech start-ups, who are the most ready for investors.  

Science & Healthcare

Olga Dubey - supported by EIT Food & EIT Climate-KIC

AgroSustain, Olga Dubey's start-up, aims to develop and bring efficient organic treatments against broad ranges of plant fungal pathogens to the market. AgroSustain was a finalist in the 2018 EIT Food Accelerator Network, engaging with industry experts and receiving mentoring. The company was also part of EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator programme in Switzerland. 

Etienne Jeoffroy - supported by EIT Climate-KIC

Etienne Jeoffroy is the founder of FenX, a start-up that turns abandoned mineral waste into high-quality insulation foams. The foam is a non-flammable thermal insulation produced from non-toxic materials and has zero CO2 emission during production. FenX won the Swiss final of EIT Climate-KIC's 2018 ClimateLaunchpad. During the Grand Final it was awarded the Circular Economy Award, which recognises breakthrough ideas that challenge the current model of 'take-make-dispose'. 

Gnanli Landrou - supported by EIT Climate-KIC

Gnanli Landrou's start-up Oxara transforms construction waste into sustainable concrete, enabling the access to safe, affordable housing and building a sustainable future. In 2018 Oxara was selected for the EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator programme. They are now completing the first stage of the programme.