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EIT Digital Accelerator Navya: From scale-up to IPO registration

EIT Digital Navya

EIT Digital Accelerator supported the European growth of French alumni scale-up Navya 

The company is having plans for Initial Public Offering (IPO) which is a first in EIT Digital's accelerator history.


Dolf Wittkamper, Head of the EIT Digital Accelerator said: 'This IPO registration of Navya makes us extremely proud of our scale-ups and is a first for our European scale-ups alumni to join the stock exchange. When Navya joined our Accelerator, we helped them raise EUR 4.1M in February 2016. We believed their company had a bright future ahead with their autonomous vehicles and they clearly represent what our accelerator stands for. We are confident we'll hear more about Navya worldwide now with their arrival on Euronext'.

NAVYA joined the EIT Digital Accelerator in 2015 in the Urban Life & Mobility Action Line. The scale-up needed to raise funds. EIT Digital allowed NAVYA to get traction from its European business ecosystem by introducing it to investors, in the UK and in Finland, and to one of its potential first big customers.

About Navya

With more than 200 employees in France (Paris and Lyon) and in the United States (Michigan), NAVYA develops, manufactures and commercializes autonomous, driverless, and electric vehicles that combine robotic, digital and driving technologies at the highest level. 

Since 2015, NAVYA has been the first to market and put into service autonomous mobility solutions, shuttles and cabs. NAVYA has a range of two autonomous vehicles: the AUTONOM® SHUTTLE, launched in September 2015, of which 100 have already been produced as of today and 67 sold in 16 countries as of March 31, 2018, notably in the United States, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Australia, and the AUTONOM® CAB, unveiled in November 2017 and whose first road tests will start shortly.

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