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EIT Education: New EIT Label programmes

EIT Education: New EIT Label programmes

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is proud to announce 12 new EIT Label programmes within our education portfolio.

One of the main added values of the EIT's unique innovation model is to integrate the education dimension into the innovation web. The EIT supports the creation of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and promotes a real change of mindset towards an entrepreneurial culture and attitude.

For this reason, the EIT has introduced the EIT Label as a certificate of quality that is awarded only to excellent educational programmes. The EIT Innovation Communities and their partners have developed their own educational programmes to address the need for excellent entrepreneurial education with a strong focus on innovation skills, keeping in mind that it is necessary to educate students to have knowledge of how to solve real-life problems. In line with this, the EIT introduced the EIT CHANGE Award, part of our annual EIT Awards. The EIT CHANGE Award recognises graduates of EIT education programmes who spur innovation and entrepreneurship, inspiring change for a sustainable future. This year's EIT CHANGE award went to Chaitanya Dhumasker, from MonitorFish (Berlin, Germany) and supported by EIT Climate-KIC. Keep reading here.

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New Master Programmes:

EIT Food

EIT Food is attracting, developing and empowering talent to lead the transformation of the food system into an innovative sector that produces healthy and sustainable food, and is trusted by society. The EIT Food education portfolio currently includes one EIT labelled Master Programme, the Master in Food Systems (MFS). The programme is an integrated graduate degree programme organised by academic institutions and industrial partners from across the EIT Food pan-European partner network. Its goal is to prepare students to drive a future transformation of the food system.

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EIT InnoEnergy

The EIT InnoEnergy Master School offers programmes which are directed at a completely new type of education in the energy field, by mobilising the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the students. This gives the graduates a very deep understanding of the world's energy challenges paired with a significant insight into how energy businesses are created and into the industrial perspective of the energy side. The EIT InnoEnergy education portfolio currently includes a new EIT labelled Master Programme, MSc in Energy Storage.

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EIT Manufacturing

The EIT Manufacturing Master School offers a unique and excellent high education programme, with international and inclusion mindset, to graduate the next generation of Manufacturing Innovators and Entrepreneurs. The Master School programmes merge manufacturing technical and technological aspects with innovation and entrepreneurship teaching, in the context of the global societal challenges, such as circular economy, industrial innovation, sustainability, and so on. The EIT Manufacturing Master School Programmes are:

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EIT RawMaterials

Within the RawMaterials Master School students are offered industry-focused programmes which enable collaboration with top specialists in the field from academia, research and industry. The EIT RawMaterials Master School portfolio currently includes a new EIT labelled Master Programme: RaMES – Raw Materials Exploration and sustainability.

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EIT Urban Mobility

EIT Urban Mobility offers a unique Master School in cooperation with leading European universities, industry, and cities. The Innovation Community is offering since 2020 the Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions programme, and it has been recently recognised with the EIT Label.

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New Doctoral Programmes:

EIT Food

The EIT Food education portfolio currently includes one doctoral programe, the Global Food Venture Programme (GFV) that supports highly-qualified PhD students from across Europe to transform their research into viable business in the Food & AgTech space.

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EIT Health

The EIT awarded the EIT Label to two EIT Health Doctoral programmes:

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EIT Manufacturing

The EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School offers mobility, mentorship, networking, innovation, entrepreneurship, and business modules to PhD students. Graduated EIT Manufacturing PhD students will be prepared to generate start-ups or to be leaders of innovation within manufacturing companies and ecosystem, contributing to European competitiveness and environmental sustainability.

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For more details on the education portfolio of our Innovation Communities, visit our education page at the link below:

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