EIT Innovators Award winner 2016 also wins MBR Global Water Award in Dubai

EIT Climate-KIC's Norbert Kuipers

Norbert Kuipers, who won the EIT Innovators Award 2016, has now won the MBR Global Water Award in Dubai.

Norbert and the team from TNO won for their MemPower® product, which uses renewable sources of energy such as solar and residual heat to produce very pure water by membrane distillation. An exciting aspect of this is that MemPower® produces but consumes no electricity, while at the same time safe drinking water and electricity can be produced from sea water.  MemPower® won the MBR Global Water Award in the category ‘Innovative Research & Development – International Institutes’.

Norbert, a Dutch national who worked with EIT Climate-KIC to develop a system for using waste and renewable heat for clean water production and indoor air control, won the EIT Innovators Award 2016 for developing an innovative product, service or process with an outstanding potential for positive societal and economic impact.

Upon winning he said:

'Waste heat plays a significant part in rising global temperatures. This project, called WE4CC-II, worked to find a way to harness this waste heat to produce high-quality water and humidity control, which can substantially reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This EIT Award will bolster our credentials as we look to further develop and market the technology.'

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