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An exclusive interview with Bilal Baiju, President of EIT Urban Mobility Alumni

The EIT gives a special welcome to the new EIT Urban Mobility Alumni Community. This new network will strengthen alumni's sense of belonging and collaboration as they continue to work together on creating sustainable urban mobility solutions.

EIT Urban Mobility Alumni came into being in 2020, when the first cohort of the EIT UM Master School was invited by EIT Urban Mobility to create its own alumni association. EIT Urban Mobility Alumni is a relatively new focus area within the EIT ecosystem. Its vision is to create effective collaboration between alumni members, other EIT labels, and the transport industry and help find better ways to address challenges to sustainable transport solutions. It will also strive to strengthen alumni's sense of belonging, emphasise their needs, and stay true to their interests. 

EIT Alumni Board member Liana Shvachiy interviewed Bilal Baiju, President of the EIT Urban Mobility Alumni, to learn about how they're working to create sustainable transport solutions and strengthen connections within the mobility sector.  Bilal joined the EIT Alumni Board to bring the perspectives of innovators and entrepreneurs in the urban mobility sector to the foreground.

Liana: Can you tell us a little bit more about the community and what its vision is? 

Bilal: The EIT Urban Mobility Alumni aims to connect professionals in the mobility sector to create more sustainable transport solutions. Our vision is to narrow the knowledge gap in this sector and offer a platform that facilitates effective collaboration among its members, the overarching EIT Alumni, and the transport industry. Additionally, we also strive to strengthen the sense of belonging among our alumni and stay true to their interests. 

Liana: Can you tell us more about the main action lines for the realisation of the mission behind the EIT Urban Mobility Alumni community? 

Bilal: Our main action lines include the creation of an integrated communication platform, organising meaningful events, and strengthening connections with EIT UM alumni and other alumni associations in the EIT ecosystem.  

Liana: That's really interesting. What are some of the main milestones that the community has achieved so far, and what are some of the upcoming ones? 

Bilal: We recently finished drafting our communications management plan, which will serve as a guideline on how to reach out to our target audience in a systematic way. Our next target is getting our annual financial plan approved. While we are still in the early stages, there are more things to be done in the coming months, which will keep us busy. A key milestone in the immediate future will be our official appointment to the EIT Alumni Board. 

Liana: It sounds like there's a lot of exciting work going on in the EIT Urban Mobility Alumni. As the president of the community, what motivates you to take on this leadership role? 

Bilal: The main motivation is to take on a leadership role and be self-motivated to do so. The role offers a great learning experience, and it has been that way so far. I am supported by a great team, Mariana and Michelle, and the head of the master school office, Mr. Sebastian Meyer. Together, we will continue to strive towards our vision and mission to create more sustainable transport solutions and strengthen connections among professionals in the mobility sector. 

The Alumni Board is looking forward to working with Bilal and EIT Urban Mobility Alumni to create solutions together for global challenges.