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EIT Urban Mobility presents the Journal of Urban Mobility

EIT Urban Mobility presents the Journal of Urban Mobility

The Journal of Urban Mobility is a fully Open Access journal, initiated and supported by the EIT Urban Mobility, offering prompt publication and wide dissemination of new urban mobility research to a global audience.

The journal publishes peer-reviewed contributions in all areas of urban mobility that will accelerate solutions that improve our collective use of liveable urban spaces, while ensuring accessible, convenient, safe, efficient, sustainable and affordable multimodal mobility.

The journal is unique in that, it takes a systemic approach to urban mobility and encourages multi- or cross-disciplinary triple-helix publications, bringing together academics and practitioners, businesses (industry and small-and-medium-sized companies) and cities. Those wishing to submit articles, viewpoints, short reports, project summaries, discussions of new research data and case studies for publication should refer to the Guide for Authors.


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