European Youth Parliament partners with EIT Health

The EYP brings together young people from all over Europe to address challenges such as healthcare

EIT Health will be contributing its expertise about healthcare technology and innovation to a new partnership that it has established with the European Youth Parliament (EYP) in order to exchange knowledge.

The EYP says it expects the information they gain from the partnership will shape their health-related projects in the coming year. As an international forum for young people to share opinions on current issues, the EYP is uniquely placed to inject the youth perspective into EIT Health’s conversations – and to help translate young people’s proposals into meaningful calls for action that can address challenges facing healthcare systems today.

A network of independent associations, the EYP is present in 40 European countries and organises more than 500 events every year, involving a total of around 30,000 participants. Their collaboration with EIT Health is expected to include cooperation through some of these events.

“The EYP shares an ethos with EIT Health of cross-border connectedness for great ideas to flourish,” says Sameena Conning, Director of External Affairs at EIT Health. “Together, we will assess the pressing healthcare topics of today, those that will have huge significance and impact on the way that healthcare will be delivered and received in the future. I am excited about our collaboration and its potential to shape the healthcare policy environment to come.”

The European Youth Parliament is a peer-to-peer educational programme that empowers young people from across Europe to be open-minded, tolerant and active citizens by providing participants with a forum to develop and express their thoughts on a wide range of topics. Thousands of young people are actively involved as volunteers all over Europe, making the EYP a genuinely youth-driven programme – run by young people, for young people.