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FoodHIVE: enhancing connections and communication within a food innovation community

FoodHIVE: enhancing connections and communication within a food innovation community

The challenges we are facing in the food system can only be solved by working and innovating together, and so when you are trying to transform the food system, collaboration is key.

Access to the knowledge and experience offered by the wider EIT Food community is one of the most valuable benefits that comes from being involved with EIT Food. The new platform FoodHIVE is the best way to connect and communicate with people from across the broader EIT Food community.

What is FoodHIVE?

FoodHIVE is a new online membership community platform where individuals and organisations in the broader EIT Food community can connect and share with each other. The platform provides easy access to news and updates on EIT Food community activities and events, as well as promoting discussion and dialogue between members of our community on all things food related.

Using FoodHIVE, members will be able to exchange ideas, find and offer mentorship opportunities, discuss project updates and communicate directly as well as share knowledge, all in a convenient virtual environment. The platform contains a big community space providing a live feed and access to news and events, as well as smaller virtual dedicated spaces for communities, where members can connect on specific projects or challenges.

You can search for people in the community by name, keyword or location, and the private messaging function means you can start a conversation with any member of the community. You will also be able to join events which will be promoted on the platform. FoodHIVE is providing access to the whole diverse EIT Food community.

What are the benefits of the platform?

  • Access to relevant news, updates and information about the EIT Food network and its activities;
  • Networking, making it easy to connect with everyone within the EIT Food community;
  • Communicating project updates with members of our community.

How do I join FoodHIVE?

FoodHIVE is available to everyone connected to EIT Food, across the whole food value chain – ranging from students or alumni, to startups getting support, and all industrial, research or university partners that are participating in innovation projects.  EIT Food will be sending out invitation emails to members of the community from mid-April 2020 onwards, which will link you to FoodHIVE. These emails will initially be sent to those registered to Plaza, those who receive partner newsletter, and EIT Food staff so once you have set up your account, encourage your colleagues to use the signup page to set up their own accounts. Keep an eye on your inbox and get ready to get networking!

Want to find out more?

Read the FoodHIVE Frequently Asked Questions.

Watch the Introduction to FoodHIVE video.