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Industry leaders gather at Advanced Factories

In a world where technologies change from one day to the next, constant adaptability is necessary to achieve net zero goals in the manufacturing industry.

During the eighth edition of Advanced Factories, EIT Manufacturing played a pivotal role in shaping a greener and more competitive European manufacturing landscape. With Advanced Factories being the leading event for Industry 4.0, drawing significant attendance and leading advancements in industrial automation and robotics in southern Europe, EIT Manufacturing took the stage in key sessions at the Industry 4.0 Congress. Discussions encompassed the crucial link between innovation and achieving net zero objectives, as well as the integration of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing sector.

Additionally, EIT Manufacturing collaborated with ACCIÓ (the public agency for competitiveness of Catalan enterprise) to host the Open Innovation Challenge, where start-ups collaborating with both organisations presented innovative solutions to industry challenges during the Industry 4.0 Start-ups Pitch Session

Start-ups showcasing groundbreaking solutions

During the Open Innovation Challenge organised by EIT Manufacturing and ACCIÓ, a vibrant showcase of entrepreneurial spirit unfolded at the Industry 4.0 Start-ups Pitch session within the ACCIÓ space. Approximately 50 attendees, along with passersby intrigued by the event, gathered to explore the innovative solutions presented during the session. Among the participating start-ups collaborating with EIT Manufacturing were: Azitek, CarbonCompeteEnergiencyKheoos, and Trinov. These start-ups showcased an array of groundbreaking solutions, each contributing to the evolution of Industry 4.0.

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