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Jean-Marc Bourez confirmed as CEO of EIT Health

Jean-Marc has served as the interim CEO of EIT Health since February 2022 and has now been confirmed in his position formally.

During his tenure as interim CEO, Jean-Marc has successfully led the organisation in driving forward our mission to improve the health of citizens through innovation and entrepreneurship. With the support of our partners, this has included the introduction of four flagship initiatives. These four bespoke thematic areas along with their projects and programmes are developed to contribute to top health priorities at the EU level, while keeping to our core mission:

  • New models to deliver healthcare
  • Facilitating the uptake of digital medical devices in Europe
  • Harnessing the full potential of health data for innovation
  • Supporting the deployment of the Important Project of Common European Interest in Health (IPCEI) to address market failures

We are delighted to confirm Jean-Marc Bourez as the CEO of EIT Health. His dedication and proven track record throughout his career made him the ideal candidate to lead EIT Health into the future.

Lisa Shaw-Marotto, Chairwoman of the EIT Health Board

    During his interim tenure, Jean-Marc has been at the forefront of interaction with the European Investment Fund (EIF). This supported the scaling up of the Venture Centre of Excellence, designed to generate additional investment capacity to support high-potential start-ups that are fundraising private equity. Start-ups are an integral part of the evolutionary success of our organisation. In 2022, we provided funding to projects and programmes across the healthcare spectrum focused on driving innovation, change, and ultimately better outcomes for millions of EU citizens.

    Jean-Marc is excited to continue his role as CEO of EIT Health.

    I am honoured to have been confirmed as the CEO of EIT Health. Over the last 12 months, we have transitioned into looking forward and focusing on the value proposition EIT Health can offer its internal and external stakeholders. We will continue to connect education, business creation, and innovation activities across disciplines, borders, and sectors to develop a productive environment so that life-changing innovation can happen. Using our collective strengths and assets, we drive societal impact that none of us could achieve alone.

    Jean-Marc Bourez, CEO of EIT Health

    Jean-Marc has over 20 years of experience across the pharmaceutical industry and broader health sector, acquired through various posts at Aventis and Sanofi. In his previous position as Sanofi’s Director of the eHealth Strategy and Open Innovation Department, he led and developed Sanofi’s eHealth and Integrated Care solutions. As Managing Director of EIT Health France, he developed and managed the French Co-Location Centre and headed the Venture Centre of Excellence, a joint programme co-led with the European Investment Fund to develop a co-investment platform in the life sciences area.